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  • Georgia Madiba

Zero Waste Valentine's Day

A common way to celebrate the tradition of Valentine’s Day is by giving things. Many of these gifts are made of plastic, come with wasteful packaging or, especially for kids, are little items that are enjoyed once and then forgotten. Imagine celebrating Valentine’s Day with zero or little waste! Here are some ideas:

  • Make a handmade card out of recycled paper and repurposed supplies

  • Make a gift card for an experience (examples: enjoying a hike together, making cookies with your children, etc.)

  • Send an e-card with a gift certificate for a restaurant, coffee shop or favorite local store

  • Write a poem or gift a used book

  • Avoid pre-packed candies and opt for making home-made treats

  • Make sure to use reusable plates, forks, spoons, cups and napkins for celebrations

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