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  • Georgia Madiba

Being "green" isn't only about recycling!

Welcome to my website and my first blog post. It’s only fitting in this first post to explain the tag line for my website: “Being “green” isn’t only about recycling.” I’ve found that we have been taught that if we recycle, we are doing our part to help the environment. But that’s not the full truth. Protecting the environment clearly involves more than that. Much, much more indeed. We can act sustainably when it comes to water, energy, food, plastics, building, remodeling, clothing, land use, landscapes, etc. (and with regards to recycling the better action is to work towards refusing and reducing waste in the first place, but I’ll leave that subject to an upcoming post.)

I’ve frequently noticed this messaging, especially each year around Earth Day. In the past couple of years, I’ve created several projects in reaction to this misconception, projects that showcase the other actions we can take to protect our environment. Check out the project page of my website.

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