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Happy Earth Day

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Earth Day has turned into a holiday of sorts for me with either projects for the Green Teams, meetings or what is so common now: video events. I'm also known to bake almost-vegan green muffins which are made with a bunch of spinach leaves, a recipe I got from a good friend a few years back.

I've rolled out two projects this week. One is the Home Eco-Guide that I have been working on since January as my internship project for the Rutgers Environmental Steward program. The guide (printed on 100% recycled paper) will be inserted into our local magazine, Matters Magazine, in their April 30th issue as well as distributed at local shops and outdoor events in our area.

The other project is an Earth Day video for my children's elementary school. Our school community came together by contributing photos and video clips of the many ways kids can protect the environment besides recycling and picking up litter. I'm proud of the South Mountain Eco Stars on Earth Day and every day! It was a true pleasure to help create this video alongside the other co-chair, Jennie, for this year's Earth Day.

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