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Plastics: what do we do?

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Family and friends often turn to me when it comes to questions on plastics and recycling. I've answered these questions many times so it is time to post my thoughts and answers in a blog post.

We cannot recycle away the plastic problem

I point you to an episode of Frontline called "Plastic Wars" (54 minutes.) It is the best reporting I've seen to date on the issue. If you don't have time for the full episode, listen to a short discussion (12 minutes) by one of the people who produced it.

What can I do myself?

Among many, here are three I propose:

  • Refuse plastics: some examples include purchasing cleaning supplies that are plastic-free, bringing your own "doggie bag" containers when eating out, and avoiding all the little plastic kid trinkets.

  • Take individual action: do you notice that your local grocery store uses too much plastic packaging? Tell them you don't like it by writing a letter and bringing it the next time you are shopping. I often refer people to an organization called Beyond Plastics as they have action plans and form letters for this type of individual action.

  • Push for governmental action: I'm lucky as my town has started the effort and has passed a Reusable Bag ordinance and our state has passed a Plastic Pollution Reduction law. Has yours? If not, tell your local government you'd like to see change.

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